Welcome to Coldpress Creations! This is where we collaborate with you to help you jazz up your juice and get creative.
We have been busy pulling together a range of recipes which all use natural ingredients, paired with our delicious juices to provide breakfast and snack ideas.
Each recipe is packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. We wanted to bring you recipes that are fun and easy to make, but have a serious benefit of being highly nutritionally dense just like Coldpress.
We will be introducing multiple new recipes over the coming weeks so keep checking back! We will also be running competitions on our social media channels where you could win everything you’ll need to make one of our Coldpress Creations.
We really want to collaborate and get creative with your Coldpress Creations recipes so please post them on social media and hashtag #ColdpressCreations . If others like them as well, you could win 4 cases of your favourite Coldpress juice and be featured on our website.