Life is sweeter with less sugar

Less is More

With Coldpress, less juice really is more so the cost of getting your daily fix of vitamins and antioxidants will be significantly reduced. As, of course, will your intake of sugar and calories.

Less is More

Less sugar with Coldpress

Twice as much goodness


Unnecessary sugar and calorie intake is a ‘hot topic’ right now. As hot as that tired old pasteurisation process, you might say! In fact, because of concerns over sugar, public health recommendations stipulate that we should drink just 150ml of juice to get our 5-a-day. But, with Coldpress smoothies, that 150ml will deliver 150% of NRV, or the daily nutrients we need, compared with just 45% of NRV for their pasteurised equivalents.

And more goodness means less sugar!

Of course there are naturally occuring sugars in fruit. But premium juices make an important contribution towards meeting our 5-a-day needs, in particular our daily dose of Vitamin C, and other beneficial nutrients like folate and thiamine.

And luckily, with Coldpress, you get over twice as much nutritional value as pasteurised juices.

So you’ll need to drink less of it to benefit from all those lovely nutrients. Reducing your intake of sugar and calories.

Which means life really can be sweeter for us all.

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