So what exactly is Coldpress?

The clue’s in the name…because cold pressure is a revolutionary new method of making juice that’s better in every way! Put simply, we ‘cold press’ our fruit and vegetables without any heat. Which means our juices and smoothies preserve substantially more of the taste and essential nutrients lost in traditional pasteurisation whilst also preserving their freshness for an amazing 6-months!

Coldpress...never heated
Coldpress Juices


We think you’ll agree that what’s inside the Coldpress bottle is, indeed, pretty special.
So naturally we wanted the bottle itself to be as unique as what’s inside it.
Hence… the hexagon. But the shape is no designer’s whim or Andrew, our founder’s personal pipedream.
In reality, the hexagon, being Mother Nature’s most resilient shape, provides our bottles with the strength they need to withstand the rigours of our high pressure process.

Strictly no bad apples here!

The fact that the Coldpress process retains more of the authentic flavour of the fruit enables us to produce delicious juices and smoothies in a range of single fruit varieties, each with its own very distinctive flavour. Meaning customers can choose from Golden Delicious and Pink Lady juices instead of merely from ‘apple’ and…er…well…’apple’.

But it also means selecting the best possible fruit is vitally important. Because, heaven forbid, if a bad apple ever slipped through the net, you really would taste it in the juice!

Never pasteurised

Up to twice the Vitamin C as
pasteurised orange juices

To secure your 80 mg recommended daily intake of Vitamin C (NRV), you’ll need to drink less of our Valencian Orange Juice and so consume less sugar! In fact, our orange juice provides you with up to 100% more Vitamin C than its pasteurised rivals.


Sounds technical, doesn’t it? But bear with us. Because the polyphenols and antioxidants packed into Coldpress juices and smoothies can be a vital weapon in fighting those rascally free radicals that can inflict such serious lasting damage on our cell tissue. And our apple juice has twice as much of them as pasteurised apple juice too!